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Can An Ancient Chinese Plant Stop Alzheimer’s Disease?

Can An Ancient Chinese Plant Stop Alzheimer’s Disease? about undefined
When it comes to treating Alzheimer’s disease, the mainstream is of little help. They keep dishing out expensive drugs with risky side effects. Aducanumab, for example, was just approved by the FDA last summer even though it caused brain swelling in 30 percent of folks who took it. And the cost? $56,000 per year!1 You deserve a better, safer way to keep your brain sharp – and your savings intact – as you age. Researchers are pointing to an ancient Chinese plant as one safe, natural solution… It’s called huperzine A, and it's found in Chinese club moss. Ancient healers used huperzine A to treat just about everything. We first told you about it back in 2020. But new research has revealed even more reasons why huperzine A may benefit people suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. In a phase II clinical trial, researchers used the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive subscale (ADAS-Cog) —the gold standard test used in Alzheimer’s research—to measure the effects of huperzine A on memory. The test measured several cognitive domains, including memory, language and praxis, or the use of knowledge or skills.

Sharper Memory In Just Weeks! 

In this particular study, participants taking 400 mcg of huperzine A daily saw a massive 2.27-point improvement in their ADAS-Cog testing scores at just 11 weeks! Because of how this ADAS-Cog scale is measured, a two-point improvement may not seem like a lot but it could mean the difference between staying independent or winding up with a caregiver or in a nursing home.2 In another study, 60 percent of Alzheimer’s patients taking an even smaller amount of huperzine A (200 mcg) experienced significant improvements in memory, cognitive function, and behavioral function after eight weeks.3

Improves Acetylcholine Levels 

Research shows that huperzine A works because it boosts a brain chemical called acetylcholine (ACh) which is essential for learning and memory. And it’s so effective at this because it stays in your system for a long time. In fact, one study found that huperzine A has a longer half-life than drugs commonly used to treat Alzheimer’s.4 What’s more, other research suggests that huperzine can also help regenerate cells in the hippocampus – your brain's learning and memory center.5

Using Huperzine A 

Unfortunately, it will be a cold day in July before any mainstream doctor brings up huperzine A at your next visit. So, it’s up to you to talk to him or her about the research on this natural supplement. In addition to the great science behind it, huperzine A is also affordable. In fact, you can get a four months’ supply for about $18 online. Of course, huperzine A isn’t a replacement for eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep and exercise. As I always say, your lifestyle is just as important—if not more— for stopping Alzheimer’s disease than any supplement.
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