Your Spice Rack Contains a One-Hour Memory Cure

Your Spice Rack Contains a One-Hour Memory Cure about undefined
Thanks to a familiar herb, the struggle to keep your mind young and your memories intact just became much easier. While most people think of sage as a seasoning for poultry, pasta or gnocchi, it’s been treasured for centuries for its ability to heal the mind.

It’s no coincidence that its name is a word for “wise man.” So – were the ancients right about this herb? And what’s the best way to take it and how much do you need? And, most important, what results can you expect? (Sneak preview: spectacular). . .

Sage has been used medicinally for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt. Herbalists from the Middle Ages wrote about its amazing effects on memory and brain power.1 Now modern science has confirmed the benefits. Over the past few years, scientists in England have brought this old wonder into the new world with some remarkable findings.

Two Chemicals are Fighting a War in Your Brain

The UK group took their cue from brain scientists worldwide, who have been focusing on one specific enzyme that may be THE culprit in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and age-related memory loss:Acetylcholinesterase. You’ve probably heard of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that delivers messages from neuron to neuron, and is largely responsible for memory.

As you age, excess acetylcholinesterase (which I like to abbreviate toAC-erase) can become a serious problem.

Under normal circumstances, AC-erase is designed to eliminate acetylcholine once it has delivered its message. This is necessary to avoid overproduction. But in older folks, AC-erase works overtime, eating away even the unused acetylcholine that you need for your neurons to communicate.2 In fact, the leading drugs for Alzheimer’s – which aren’t very effective – try to arrest this very process of acetylcholine breakdown.

Incredible 70% Improvement

In a study conducted by the Brain Sciences Institute in England, researchers tested the cognitive and memory skills of over 200 seniors aged 65-90. Then for five days, half the group was given an extract of sage, and the other half was given a placebo.

The results of the study were stunning.

The group taking sage showed dramatic improvement — 70% of age-related memory loss was reversed. That’s the equivalent of 50 YEARS of aging… healed.

And most amazing of all, results were seen in as little as 1 hour.

What could be responsible for such incredible results? The sage extract cut AC-erase levels by 53%, allowing the brain cells to communicate better almost instantly.3 And with a slew of powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties on top of that, sage is one powerful herb you ought to be paying more attention to.

The Best Way to Reap These Benefits for Yourself

It’s exciting to see yet another scientific “win” for age-old herbal treatments. However, sprinkling more sage on your food (or even downing what you have in your cupboard) will not give you these results.

A bit of sage is delicious on your chicken, but it doesn’t taste good eaten by itself – and you’d have to eat a huge amount of it to get a clinical dose.

The researchers at the Brain Sciences Institute discovered that, for best results, a highly concentrated extract is more practical. The clinical dose effective in the tests consisted of a 10:1 extract of sage at 333 mg. Dosages less than this had little or no result.4 A high quality supplement with the scientific dosage — prepared by a knowledgeable, reputable manufacturer — will be your best chance at getting these incredible results. For convenience, you may want to try the Advanced Brain Power formula created by our sister company, Green Valley Natural Solutions.

The formula was actually inspired (in part) by the English study I just told you about – and the formula contains many other valuable brain nutrients. It’s certainly not the only place you can buy a sage supplement. But on the other hand, sage supplements are by no means common. Green Valley went to some lengths to make sure theirs was of the highest quality.

I personally take Advanced Brain Power, and I can perceive a clear difference in my memory and cognitive ability.
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